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Conformity, the newest release by PuzzQuest from Artist George Gill. A complex composition of over 50 layers, Conformity is a celebration of the beauty we all possess.

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Conformity 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Redefining quality in every
Jigsaw Puzzle

At PuzzQuest we bring life to art from the most creative minds on the planet. We leave nothing to chance in creating a puzzle you will be proud to own.

From selecting some of the most talented artist’s creations to controlling every step of the manufacturing process through to design, packaging, and shipping, no stone is left unturned. We meticulously create awe-inspiring puzzles that you and your family will enjoy and be proud to own. Thank you for becoming a PuzzQuest puzzler!

The perfect click of every piece

A precision cutting automatic disintegrator process ensures every piece will fit soundly with every click.

UV oil varnish protection

The UV oil varnish protection coating on every piece gives the puzzle a soothing feel while protecting your finished work from the elements.

Quality felt in every piece

The quality of your puzzle is built into every piece. From precision die-cutting to 2mm industry-leading thickness, your completed puzzle will be a piece of art you’ll be proud of.

Ziplock bag flexibility

We know building a puzzle happens over hours, days, even weeks, and losing a piece mid-way can be frustrating. So every PuzzQuest puzzle comes with a resealable bag to protect your puzzle pieces through the building process.


Using premium quality environment-friendly, recycled paper, handcrafted cutting dies, and proprietary manufacturing processes make for minimal puzzle dust in the box.

Helping Artist’s Around the Globe

At PuzzQuest, every puzzle purchased has a double helping effect on the art world.
A percentage of every sale goes directly to the artist to help them continue their great work, and a percentage is donated to art charities globally to support budding new artists. Together we are helping artists all over the world flourish.

1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle


1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

70cm x 50cm (27.56″ x 19.69″)

Conformity by Artist George Gill

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Conformity 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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About the Artist

George Gill

George Gill’s work with Conformity is synonymous with his style of combining multiple images to create his final piece and complete the story.

Inspired by the history of this shawl and the generations it had been passed through, the story of immigrating at a time when the country was being born when people strived for a better life. The challenges then and now as we all try to stand out, yet blend in with society. Conformity is a deep story told in a beautiful piece of art.

Conformity – brought to life in this amazing 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for the whole family to enjoy.

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